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Shop Listing

Shop # 065-821
Location:Columbus, Ohio
Description:After 10 years serving the Columbus area we have built a great reputation, our whole sale customers as well as our retail ones have been the best advertisement we have had. The shop is in normal operation condition and just waiting for right individual to keep it growing . it is easy to keep it, low electricity ,gas and water can be below the 2000.00 a month depending on your down payment when financing.
Years Est.:10
Number of Employees:2
Weekly Salary Expense for Employees:$ 1600.00
Competition:from downtown on Parsons Ave and all the way south there is not an other Transmission shop . There is two repair shop down the street but they have not been competition for contrary they have been a good source of referrals to ENR Transmissions.
Growth:The future will depend on the new administration. My dream was to buy the lot next to us and expand to 6 bays and more Parking spaces as we keep getting new customers every day.I would like to see my dream came thru in someone else.
Features:Customer Lobby, Security System, Building Room, Cleaning Machine
Parking:6 - 10 spaces
Building Benches:3
Total Dollar Figure on Parts in Stock, including Stock Units:2000.00
Shop Computer Systems:Three Computers .main office is windows 10 , second one for Technicians windows7 as well as the third one for the builder.
Asking Price:$ 265,000
Property Included in Sale:Yes
Company:ENR Transmissions Auto Repair
Name:Eliseo Navarro
Phone:614 280-9700
Address:1048 Parsons Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43206
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